The Hudson McKay Group

Hudson McKay is an evolution of PACE Engineers an Australian owed, specialist brownfields, sustaining electrical project engineering organisation first established in 1987. 

In 2014 we evolved in to Hudson McKay, "100% its our DNA", This is our mantra. This It is our model and central focus, on you, our customer, and maintaining our commitment to our values of:.

  • 100% Integrity in dealings with all Stakeholders;

  • 100% Courageous honesty and independent advice;

  • 100% Respect and humility towards others of all ethnicity and orientations;

  • 100% Determination to provide deliverables to agreed expectaions, schedule and budget;

  • 100% Comittment to ensuring all stakeholders return home safely to their loved ones form work. 

These are our commitment, it is absolute, it's Our Guarantee, No Concessions, No Restrictions, All the way, "100% its our DNA".

People and Systems

Our people are the key to our success.  Our teams are the key to greatness, 100%-Team


100%-T is about creating a high performance work environment for our employees, contractors and partners.  It is a business strategy and it will continue to evolve with business needs.


100%-T aims to provide an open and honest framework of bidirectional communications to facilitate a responsive and inclusive management style.  This results in tasks being carryout with minimal disruption and with maximum personal satisfaction.

100%-T plays and integral role in ensuring that your stint at Hudson McKay can be part of a satisfied career journey by creating a challenging, innovative, rewarding and enjoyable working environment.


100%-TW3, the way we work

At Hudson McKay 100%-TW3 comprises the standards, procedures, policies and guidlines that embody everything we do.


100%-TW3 goes beyond our business management system, it incorporates our work place health and safety management, our project management, our business management, our people management, our ethics and values that part of the way we connect and manage our organisation.

100%-TW3 has been built to enhance process, collaboration and accessibility anywhere, anytime using secure cloud.


However we are not satisfied with good, 100%-TW3 must be great and continuous improvement is a key component of the system structure.


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