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HudsonMcKay evolved with the renaming of PACE Engineers in 2014.  PACE an Australian owed, specialist brownfields, sustaining electrical project engineering organisation first established in Victoria in 1987. Brad Gradwell, our managing director, joined PACE in 1990 as a contract electrical engineer and founded the Queensland office in 1998. That's 23 years existence under its current leadership and 34 years in total of continuous operation.  The name HudsonMcKay was inspired by two of ANZ's finest.
  • Sir William Hudson - Head of the Snow Mountains Scheme, Hudson was known firstly for his vital concern for industrial safety and then fairness, inclusiveness, dedication to quality and competing projects on-time and on-budget.
  • Hugh Victor McKay - McKay was an industrialist who revolutionised agriculture with the invention of the Sunshine Harvester. McKay was known for his strength and tenacity, commercialisation of innovation, bigness of heart and taking obstacles in his stride.
The qualities above refect the HMcKDNA and hence our proud company name.
Hudson McKay 1 - Large Format - Standard
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