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HudsonMcKay is an Australian owed, greenfield and specialist brownfields, sustaining electrical project engineering firm first established in 1987. 

HMcKDNA describes our culture that directs our client centric operating model. Our central focus is on partnering with our customers in their success.


  • Passion - Love what we do, love to come to work;

  • Trust  - Act with integrity, display courageous honesty, act with respect and humility;

  • ØHarm - Have the courage to make the ØHarm personal and our priority:

    • Health Safety and Security, Think Safe, Work Safe, Home Safe

    • Environment, Minimise Impact, Act Sustainably

    • Governance, Care for the Brand,  Know & Follow Policies and Procedures 

    • Inclusion and Diversity, Everybody is Welcome, Leave No One Behind

    • Risk Management, Identify, Prevent, Review Always

  • Innovation - Engage with stakeholders, encourage critical thinking, challenge the norm, allow mistakes, make it practical;

  • Quality -  Own the task success, accept responsibility, accountability for my efforts and its effects on all stakeholders;

  • Value - Go beyond expectations, deliver on time, within budget and make a difference.  

These are our commitments, it is absolute, it's Our Guarantee, No Concessions, No Restrictions.

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